Coolest Peanuts Gang Group Costume

Two of my friends and I do a local Halloween contest on a dinner / party cruise boat every year. Each year make our costumes and 2011 is our sixth year. So far we have one first place award and this year we earned our second, second place award. We decided on the Homemade Peanuts Gang Group Costume because we had two extra people in our group this year. As others have done, we used paper mache on 24″ beach balls (3 layers minimum). Make sure you give the paper mache two day to dry before adding the next layer. We then primed the heads with paint and painted them with satin finish paint. We used a paint marker to paint the nose and eyes and the mouths were cut out using an exacto knife and dremmel tool. The mouth was lined with black window screen to cover our eyes. We used fuzzy sticks from a craft store (aka pipe cleaner) for the guy’s hair and yarn for the girl’s hair.

One of the hardest parts of these costumes is to brace the heads. There is a lot of room inside the head and I used a small pillow to fill the gap, while others used air conditioner foam. For the guys we decided to cut pants into shorts just below the knee to make us look more like kids. One thing I noticed is that on a true peanuts character the socks are the same color as the shirt, so we did the same. Good luck and have fun!

Homemade Peanuts Gang Group Costume

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  1. Hello, do you mind donating these to a woman’s shelter in Bronx New York? They are doing an original play and we need some costumes but can not afford to pay for it.

    If you agree, we only need, charlie brown, linus lucy, peppermint patty, shroeder and snoopy

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