My boyfriend and I went to a Halloween party hosted by a freshman organization at our school Baylor University. At first we were going to be lame and just dress funky, but I found an idea online for Peanuts couple costumes. Because my boyfriend didn’t really want to help (he thought it was a waste of time because he figured it would fail) I made the costumes by myself, though I did coax him into cutting the holes for the head and helping me draw the faces (he’s much more artistic than I).

I don’t have stage-by-stage pictures because I was frantically trying to finish them the day of the party. The construction consisted of buying extra large balloons, I used the kind that you tie to a rubber band and bounce against your hand. I blew up the balloons (two of them) and paper-mached them, just like we all learned in elementary art class. I used newspaper and a flour and water mixture. I had to do about 3 layers on each head, so it was a bit time consuming to wait for the layers to dry. Once dry, I painted the heads a peachy skin color and let dry.

My boyfriend cut the holes for the heads and we popped the balloons and took them out. He then drew the faces on and I glued Lucy’s hair in place. He cut the eyes out and voila!

The clothes came from goodwill, we lucked out on the blue dress and the yellow shirt. I glued on fake felt buttons for Lucy and stitched on Charlie Brown’s famous design. Then we were off to the party where everybody asked to take our picture. It was a successful night!