Cool Peacock Costume

I had been anticipating this peacock costume for a whole year. I love peacock feathers and figured this would be a great idea to have some cool make-up and hair. The costume itself was very easy to make. I ordered a bright blue gymnastics jumpsuit off of ebay and wore black leggings underneath.

To make the tail, I used a fan and glued the feathers first together in 4’s length wise then directly onto the fan in the same shape. I then covered the top of the fan and the ends of the peacock tail feathers with loose feathers from a craft store.

For the under layer I bent a wire hanger in the shape of a v and attached it to a thin belt. I then glue gunned 4 blue feather boas around and covering the v shape so that there were no holes. Using craft wire I then attached the fan to the belt on top of the boas.

To top the costume off I wanted a hair design that mimicked a Mohawk and colorful make-up that would remind me of a peacock. I had my friends help me with this part.
All together it was fun and I received a lot of compliments.