This Homemade Parrot Costume was such a fun time. A fun time to make and a fun time to wear. My most favorite part was the rubber gloves on the feet! I had some basic flats on then just slid yellow rubber gloves over them. I was able to walk around all night without foot pain and the rubber gloves held up. I bought a basic white, silk corset and tried to dye it red…fail of course, but I like the pink. I bought a red tutu from Wal-mart, but it was too fluffy for my taste so I cut a few layers out.

The hardest part was the wings. I got 4 boas and sewed the boas in the color order of parrots feathers to little pieces of red felt. I sewed the boas at the middle and each end just to keep the colors in the correct order. Then I sewed a little ring of elastic to each end of the boas to loop around my pinky fingers. Last step was just lightly sewing the middle of the wings to the corset. A few final touches; feathers for the hair and tail, red tights, and an annoying birdcall perfected!