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Coolest Our Town Costume

What started as a simple idea of a “Our Town” costume for my 2 year old son in 2002 soon became too big to fit on him. I began with collecting business cards from the local merchants and cutting up the phone book and taking out packaging for logos.

I drafted the 2 main streets of our small town on the front and back and began hot gluing everyone on. All the madness was in the details- traffic signals made from beads, the river from a blue plastic bag, even the silver bridge our town is known for, was made with pipe cleaners and coloured beads ( it is always lit with coloured Christmas lights year round). The best part was the street lights made with battery operated Christmas lights lining the main street.

Not very many people saw it in the dark on Halloween night, but I wore it around the next day and dropped in to all those businesses again – some even took pictures to use for promotional purposes. I wore it again for Halloween at work in 2007 and boy did we ever discuss the changes in our towns growth – a lot of stores were gone and even more new buildings had been put up in those short 5 years.

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