After my kidneys failed and I had to go on dialysis, I had an operation to put a tube into my abdomen so that I could do dialysis on a machine at home. Whilst coming round from the operation and doped up on anesthetic I texted my friend to tell him I had an idea for his 30th birthday/fancy dress which he went for.

Each month I had a delivery of 40 boxes of dialysis fluid which were stored in my garage. I decided to build an Optimus Prime costume for the party out of the boxes. I had a look at some that were on the internet and did a bit of research. The main body was a giant box with the smaller parts of arms and legs, the smaller boxes cut and refined. All were covered in red or blue card. The hands were cricket gloves covered in bits of blue card.

The helmet was tricky- I got a baseball cap and adjusted it to the size of my head. Then I made a frame from strips of card. I then just taped bits of cut card onto it and covered it in paper mache and painted it blue. It was very fiddly to get all the shapes right, ears etc. The mouth cover was to be slotted in afterwards and was just a silver piece of card. I then just put some grey thermals on my legs before getting the whole thing on. It was a tight squeeze and I had to check I could get the body on before the colors were stuck on.

I’ve since had a kidney transplant and the costume went into the garage and got damp. Shame.