This old school Joker costume, aside from the suit, was real easy to make and came out looking great! I started with searching online for the perfect picture of the original cartoon joker to use as a guide. After I found one I liked, I began looking for a way to make the out fit. A family member knew a person who would make it by had for me.  The outfit consisted of a bright orange dress shirt, neon green vest and bow tie, dark purple pants and a dark purple blazer. I had trouble finding the shoes I wanted, so I just put black vans on him.

Next was his hair. My son has extremely curly hair so what I did first was partially straighten it so that it looks waved. I positioned it back but didn’t brush it so that it still looked messy. Then sprayed it with a small amount of hair spray. It’s best to put the outfit on before you do anything else. Next I cleaned his face and dried it. Then started applying white paint to his face. This was hard! 2 year olds like to move  around a lot and touch their face so you have to be careful. The way I got my son to stay still is I gave him my phone with a game on it.

After I got his face paint on, using the picture I printed out as a guide, I drew on the brows and mouth. I exaggerated the smile to make it look more like jokers big smile. I then shielded his eyes and sprayed his hair with yellow hair spray. I used yellow because I couldn’t find a store that had neon green which surprised me. But it still came out great. Right before we left I put some purple gloves on him. He was so excited and happy because people were so in love with his costume and he got so much attention. I’m sure his favorite was the extra candy he was rewarded for having the coolest costume the residents had ever seen.