Coolest Ola Ray from Michael Jackson’s Thriller Costume

Michael Jackson is my absolute favorite artist of all time. Thriller is an iconic song for the Halloween season. So I took a slightly different angle for the typical “Thriller” based costume…Ola Ray! Here is how I made my Homemade Ola Ray from Michael Jackson’s Thriller Costume.

I found the blue leopard bodysuit and the jean jacket at my local thrift store. To the jacket, I added the blue leopard paneling and blue cuffs, by getting some cheap blue fabric from Walmart and using black paint & a leopard stencil. I just added my own red tank top and red shoes, plus got a curly wig from the costume shop and that’s it!

And please note my custom made Thriller purse. Found the red purse at the thrift store as well, and added strips of black pleather with a glue gun, to make it look like the Thriller jacket.