Every year when choosing a costume I look for a strong, kick ass, female character. Preferably a Villain but not exclusively.

I was in my office thinking up characters and came across Mystique. I automatically knew this was the character for me. Now once I told anyone that I was doing Mystique they all gave me a face and said the same thing “she wasn’t wearing any clothes” so I had to come up with a solution to my first problem.

I decided the base of my Mystique Halloween costume was going to be a unitard which I purchased online at a discounted dance website. I also knew another major part of the costume was her yellow cat shaped eyes so I went online and purchased contacts at a discount lens store. Also if you notice when you check out there is a section for promotional codes. Whenever I see that before I checkout I search the company and promotional code and I was able to find discounts to put in for both purchases.

The next step was to get the base for my face, hands and unitard. I went to a Halloween store which is open year long and has a large makeup section. I got various blue paints with different tones so that I can fool around with the coloring of the costume. I also purchased a blue latex which was going to give the costume texture and form some of the scaly skin that Mystique is known for.

The first step was to put the latex on my skin before I paint my face. To make the latex lift and form I used cotton pieces. i dipped the cotton into the latex then stretched it out over my face on both cheeks and my forehead. Once that dried I put the same latex pieces over my breasts. I then dipped my hands in the latex and made the scaly looking dots on my shoulders, pelvis and legs. After that was done I filled my face and hands in with the blue paint.

My hair is very long and dark so I purchased a short wig with no bangs so I could push the hair back. The wig only came in a blond so I purchased the red hair spray and changed the color of the wig. I actually couldn’t find the right red so I mixed a red spray with a Burgundy spray.

The final piece of the costume was my feet. I knew the costume wouldn’t work if I had any type of shoes showing so I went to a sock store and purchased deep blue thick knee high socks. I put on regular socks with flip flops then I put the dark blue knee high socks on top of the flip flops so that you wouldn’t see them but i would have protection on my feet.

Once everything was put together the costume looked amazing. Seriously I couldn’t walk down the street without being stopped every few seconds for pictures. It was definitely worth every dollar and all the hard work.