Coolest Mystique from X-Men Costume

I made this Mystique from X-Men Halloween costume 2 years ago. I put it twice and I won twice! First place $250 one year. Last year i went to an other bar(!!!) won second place $300.

That’s a paying costume! It’s worth the time, the effort and the cash. I spent $140 for the contact lenses! It took about one month to build this costume.

I bought a foam head to create the forehead mask. I made it with liquid latex and the spikes are Fimo paste cover up with latex. I did as well for the bra and pants. To get the same color as my skin would be I colored every piece of the costume with the blue make up so that there would not be any differences. Then I sprayed some transparent glue that we use in artistic work to fix the color in place.

The funniest part of that costume is that the first time I wore it in the bar my purse was stolen. I ended up at the police station in the middle of the night to complete the information – dressed up as Mystique and, believe me, the cops’ jaws dropped to the floor!

Be careful on Halloween in bars. Long capes can hide almost everything including you purse!

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