To make this Homemade Mystique Costume I first started with a Royal Blue leotard I bought from the We Love Colors website, as well as the socks. I know most women who attempt this costume go for the more nude look by painting their body or exposing their chest. I was not down for that and I knew it would be way to cold. So the leotard offered a full coverage look that was comfortable and I can use it again. I used black puffy paint and hand painted all the scales and details over the entire leotard front and back. This took me about 4 days to do, giving it enough time to dry completely. I bought some white gloves I thought I could dye blue to match but sure enough the dye didn’t take. So plan B I had some ceramic paint in the right color blue and I hand painted the gloves blue, then added the scales with the black puffy paint. I also already owned some royal blue pumps that matched perfectly.

To do my make up I first blocked out my eye brows using spirit gum then liquid latex on top of that. I then used the cheap blue cream face paint from Walmart all over my face neck and upper back. Once that dried I used the black puffy paint again to paint the scales and details on my face. My hair is already red so I did not require any red hair spray. I glued on some false lashes, popped in my yellow cat eye contacts and volla! I was Mystique. I wore this costume twice and won two costume contests. I am very proud of this costume and I had so many random people coming up and asking for pictures with me.

I don’t know how I will top this one next year.