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Coolest Mr. T Homemade Halloween Costume

I cut my old BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) top at the mid section and made it ruff edge to give the “just torn for war” look. The gold medal on the top is supposed to act as my rank, I only rank in gold FOO! The rank is actually my wife’s gold played lipstick case in which I super-glued on.

The gold necklaces are gold plated necklaces that came 3 in a pack and also I strung some beads and spray painted them gold to fill in the lack of bling. The earrings are clip on and one has beads super-glued to it with a feather at the end.

I also used work out shorts, workout gloves, tube sock, and old combat boots from basic training. But don’t worry you can go to Military hobby stores and buy some cheap ones. Now the crown jewel, the hair. I used reference photos from image searched and had the wife cut it. All in all I say this Mr. T Homemade Halloween Costume came out pretty good.

P.S. Most props came from my local arts and crafts store.

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