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Cool Mr. T Homemade Costume

I couldn’t find anything online that looked remotely original, so I had to try and get all this Mr T Costume together myself.

I bought a latex head cover and a regular wig, cut out the Mr T hairstyle then trimmed the wig down substantially. For the dungarees I got some white ones and dyed them with a denim die.

The chains were bought from a DIY store and pendants etc added on. I bought some costume jewelery rings and a clip on earing to which I added a feather from my girlfriend’s dream catcher!

The muscles were borrowed from superhero costume that I wore underneath the red jumper. I got the belt from a charity shop. We glued the wig on then painted it all with the darkest brown face paint I could find.

I had such a good night because it was my birthday and everyone loved the costume!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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