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Coolest Mr. Smee Costume from Peter Pan

Materials needed:
White t-shirt (unless you can find a baby blue striped shirt, good luck!)
Light blue spray paint (or fabric paint)
Red knit fabric for hat
1 Cotton ball
Reading glasses
Blue shorts
White face paint (for sideburns)
Blue painters’ tape

We did a Peter Pan theme for Halloween 2011 and my husband was Mr. Smee. This was a super easy (and adorable) outfit to put together. We couldn’t find blue striped fabric for his shirt so we just took a white t-shirt, blocked off stripes with painters tape, then spray-painted the open areas light blue.

For his cap, I took dark burgundy knit fabric, measured it around his head, sewed a big cone shape and, for the ball at the end, cut out a small circle of fabric, stuffed it with a cotton ball, and sewed it to the tip of the triangle.

He wore dark blue gym shorts. I used white face paint and painted his sideburns. We found some reading glasses at the thrift store and his look was complete!

TOTAL TIME: 2 hours (drying time)




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