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Coolest Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head DIY Halloween Costume Idea

For Halloween 2010 my boyfriend and I wanted to be something as a couple, but something original. I was excited when he agreed to my Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head DIY Halloween Costume! I made the entire costumes and purchased some of the accessories.

The first step was purchasing the material. From the fabric/craft store I picked up;
1) 3 yards of 72″ tan felt (body)
2) White felt (eye backs and Mr.’s teeth)
3) Black felt (Mr.’s pupils and mustache)
4) Red felt (Mr.’s nose and Mrs. lips)
5) Pink felt (Mrs.’ nose)
6) Blue felt (Mrs.’ pupils)
7) Black pipe cleaners (Mrs. eyelashes and Mr.’s shoelaces)
8) Thin green craft foam (Mrs. shoes)
9) Thin blue craft foam (Mr.’s shoes)
10) Thin pink craft foam (ears)

I also purchased a round black hat for Mr. from a Halloween store, white long sleeve shirts, white gloves, and Mrs.’ blue visor from Wal-Mart.

Total, I spent about $50. $25 per costume was still a lot cheaper then buying a costume!

After I had all my pieces it was time to put them together. First, we laid out the tan felt with the folded end being the top and the width was the 72″. We placed a tee shirt (of whatever size the costume wearer is) right along the fold. We cut a neck hole the same size of the tee shirt in the felt. So now it should look like a poncho. Cut the bottom off to make it the length of to the wearer’s ankles. Next, we cut an angle down the sides to about half way, so it’s not the same width all the way down (wider at the bottom).

I used the sewing machine to then sew together both open sides, leaving room for arm holes. So now it’s like an upside down sack with the head hole at the top. I then sewed a small 1 inch hem in the bottom with a small opening and fed wire all the way through the circle. The wire was just some we had in the garage, sort of like a wire coat hanger. We twisted it so that it was doubled. Then I just sewed up the little area where the wire went through. The body was the hardest part!

The next step was to add all the face pieces. Using the felt and foam I just cut all the pieces I wanted. I was going to use Velcro to attach the pieces so they could be movable like the real Potato Heads, but it didn’t work out. The sticky sides of the Velcro detached from the felt before the Velcro would separate. The Velcro would work great if you wanted to sew it on. I just used a hot glue gun to attach all of my pieces.

For the shoes, I folded the craft foam around our shoes and staple gunned it to the soles sides. For Mr.’s shoelaces I poked holes in the foam (before attaching to the shoes, obviously) and fed 2 pipe cleaners through like shoe laces. I made felt flowers to glue to Mrs.’s visor and glued one to a hair rubber band for her wrist. We wore our long sleeve white shirts and gloves with shorts under the outfit because the felt was really warm.

The costumes turned out great and we won “Most Original” costume at one of the parties we went to. When you’re making it, you can really add anything you want or make the faces look any way. I just decided to go with the original faces.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Mrs. Potato Head

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