Coolest Mr and Mrs Potato Head Couple DIY Halloween Costume

Our Mr and Mrs Potato Head couple DIY Halloween costumes are made out of cotton fabric. I did an inner shell and outer shell and stuffed in between. When you are measuring add at least 3-5 inches to make sure you are comfortable for the inner shell and then add another 3-5 inches on the outer shell to account for the stuffing.

The arms and legs have elastic around the wrists. Make them quite a bit bigger than what your wrists/ankles are so that they aren’t tight, the shoulders are Velcroed for easy access to get in and out. The faces are made with foam. The ears are made with felt and to shape – pipe cleaners. They are hot glued on. The hats are made with bristol board and foam for accessories on there. Mrs Potato Head also has a bracelet and earrings and a foam purse. We wore slippers.