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Coolest Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costumes

After searching the web for costume ideas, we decided to be Mr. and Mrs. Potato head… We started by using a pattern for a bumble bee costume. We altered the pattern slightly to remove the bee stinger and head.

After sewing the costume together we stuffed them to make them big and round. We made the ears, noses, eyes, and mouths out of felt. We used two pieces of felt for each piece sewing them together so we could stuff them and make them 3-D.

All of the pieces were attached to the costume with Velcro so we could move them around like a real Mr. Potato head. The glasses and earrings were made out of foam board. All the pieces we drew free hand after looking at a picture of them online.

We made the hats out of paper mache (using a large beach ball for the shape). We attached an actual hat to the inside of our paper mached hats so that they would sit nicely on our heads. We spray painted the hats and then for Mrs. Potato Head cut out circles, where we put a see through fabric so we could look out through the hat.

For Mr. Patato Head we used the Chicago bears logo on the hat (as my boyfriend is a big fan) and did the same using a see through fabric so he could see out of the hat. We finished the costume off with a white shirt and some big white hands that we purchased at the costume store.

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21 thoughts on “Coolest Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costumes”

  1. This is the best Potato Head Costume I have ever seen. I would love to know if you used a pattern for this. I am going to temp to make one for this coming Halloween.
    Great Job

  2. I am in the process of making this costume, could you please tell me exactly how to make the hat, tell me how it sits on your head and where it meets the costume? Thank you

  3. Hello,
    I am starting to make this costume, did you sew on the hat to the costume itself? I have the felt and everything and want to start going, but I’m not quite sure how the top of the costume works? Could you please let me know.

  4. the hats were made with paper mache’…we just covered half of a beach ball that was big enough with paper mache’ (maybe 4 layers) then painted them and added a brim. The hats were removable, we glued a baseball hat to the inside top of the paper mache’ hat so that we could sit them on our heads easily. Once we had the hats on we felt out where the eye holes needed to go, we cut them out and put fabric behind them so you couldn’t really tell they were there. For the actual body of the costume we got a bumble bee pattern from Joann fabrics, we just removed the stinger and head from the costume. We stuffed the costumes with stuffing. I think that answers all the questions??

  5. I have to tell you that this is the best costume I have ever seen! I think I have the costume figured out, but I am not understanding how the hat sits on the other hat and were do you see out of? Can you guide me on this part. Also, what creative idea did you come up with for this year?
    You are very talented and creative!

  6. I am trying to make this costume and I still don’t understand how you see out of the hat. Did you but the holes in the paper mache sorry I am just really confused.

  7. I know you used paper mache for the hats. so I covered the beach ball and how did you do the rim of the hat? please reply back soon in the process using it. I need good details on how to do this hat. When did you glue the hat did you cut the hole before you painted?

  8. The brim of the hat, what did you use. So you made a paper mache using a beach ball to start, 4 layers I did that. I covered the ball most of the way down, you said you covered half? I took the ball out of my mache, glued a hat inside, that is as far as I got. I think the mache might be a little long. What do I do from this point. I need help fast. Please let me know. Also how did you make those glasses, I tried cutting them out by hand but they don’t look as good as yours. Can you help?

  9. Can you Please let me know how you got the brim of the hat on the paper mache. I used a beach ball like you said, cut it to the length I needed it to be, glued the hat inside, now what? Please help our party is on the weekend of the 24th.

  10. Love the costumes but I am totally confused on the hat,too. What did you make the brim out of and how did you attach it. And how big did you make the holes for your eyes and where did you make the holes. You did a super job, because I can’t even tell there are holes in the hat. Thanks for sharing.

  11. in the process of making hat…what size beach ball did u use..having loads of fun making costume but need help with hat. we are using a 36 inch ball. need help. thanks.

  12. Followed all of your directions and your picture and made this costume for halloween! It was a pain in the you-know-what.. but it has turned out great so far. I bought the bumble bee “family” costume pattern from JoAnns. I used the lining pattern pieces for our body costume. I cut two pieces of fabric for each side. This way we could have our own lining for the stuffing and we wouldn’t have to “stuff ourselves” after getting into the costume. I used a cheap muslin fabric for the lining and a “potato brown” solid cotton fabric for the actual costume. I googled “Mr. Potato Head Face” and found a cut-out mr. potato head with all of the face parts. I blew these up on a copy machine to about 600%. Cut all face parts out of felt, because it was cheap, and very easy to use. Glued on the iris’s to the eyeballs & stuffed everything. I cut the glasses out of foam board as well. I am attaching velcrox to the costume as well, such a great idea!

    For the beachball hat. I finally found beach balls at walmart for $1 (what a deal!). They were 24″ in diameter, and that worked well. We did the good ol’ flour/water and newspaper paper mache over the balls. We did about 4-5 layers, then found this stuff at Hobby Lobby called ClayCraft or ClayCrete. You just add water and it turns very mushy and pliable. To me, it looks like a bunch of spit wads. We put that on top of the paper mache for a final touch. It dried a lot quicker with a fan on it and inside of the house due to humidity outside. Two days later, I took the balls outside, spray painted them and deflated the beach balls! It was AWESOME! I was so nervous about that part! I used the extra pieces of foam board to make the bills of the hats. they will be attached by duck tape (underneath) and hot glue.)

    We are going to attach the big hats to little hats that we can wear (another great idea). Cheap hats were bought at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 — can’t beat that!

    We found character hands at a Halloween store for $5 each and we are just wearing leggings, a long sleeve shirt and he will wear under armor clothing under his.

    Thank you so much for the people who created this costume originally! It is awesome! How great the internet is that we can find this stuff online!

    God Bless!

  13. Hello, I am going to try and make the girl for my granddaughter, she is 7 years old. I think she will look so cool in this. wish me luck. Thank you for putting your costume on line. Have a bless day.

  14. I know this is a couple years old, but hoping that this message still finds its way…I am determined to make this work, but like the others, I don’t understand how you see out of it


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