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Coolest Mom and Baby Illusion Costume

I made this Homemade Mom and Baby Illusion Costume for my daughter. It gives the illusion of a mom carrying her baby in a front carry pack. You are the baby and your arms are the mom’s arms.

I started with a frame made from wire coat hangers. padded them with foam for comfort. I used a Styrofoam wig head with a plastic mask glued to the front of it. Glued a wig to the top. Put a turtle neck on the mom. I stuffed a baby sleeper with batting for the baby’s body and used baby socks for hands and feet.

I put the body into a front carry pack and put it around the mom’s neck. Put a baby bonnet on her, had to make one couldn’t find one large enough. Your face comes out through the front of the mom’s dress.

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