We wanted a unique costume that could be easily removed without having to wear a special outfit or apply a lot of makeup. 2 foam boards cut into the mirror frame with a portion of half a pool noodle (cut hot dog style – not hamberger) sandwiched between the two to create depth. Spandex fabric glued between the back foam board and the pool noodle. I cut a small hole to stick the face into. I had to make the hole smaller than the width of my hubby’s face so you couldn’t see his skin. Found a cheap black mask from the costume store and painted it with Martha stewarts all type craft paint then glued that puppy to the front of the spandex. Took an old pair of black nylons to glue across the eye holes so he wouldn’t be crashing into things all night. After that, we just left the spandex uncut so it fell over the back of his head to prevent light from shining through then surrounded the edges and inside of the “frame” with construction paper. We also had a section at the bottom set aside for a purple glow stick to illuminate it, although its not pictured. To create the illusion of it being free standing we took the gold fabric and just tied it around the back of his neck.

The costume was a hit at our fairy tale feast party! He could fully move his face around in it to look different angles and move the mask out of the mirror. No one recognized him, even as they came to say, “mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”. He had a lot of fun with the responses to the guys and made some ladies feel great about themselves. Overall, it was a hit!!