Cutest Ever Homemade Mermaid Costume

This costume was used for Halloween and for Savannah Rose’s 9th birthday party which was themed UNDER THE SEA.

The Mermaid tail is a special home made tail from Merfolks of FoxMoon Productions. They specialize in making Realistic (swimming) mermaid tails and fins according to your measurements.

The shell and pearl in the picture was made by me. The shell back was a piece of board cut and painted to look like a shell. I than attached it to the top of a painted snow toboggan to match. I painted a small gazing ball for a pearl.

Since the tail is a swimming tail and not walking tail, for Halloween trick or treating, I bolted the Shell to a base of a wagon, that was painted and decorated to look under the sea. We used a sand pail as a treat bag. She was a hit at the costume parade and at the pool!

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  1. I love the costume, and the prop with the clam. How did you make the clam shell? My daughter is going to be doing some theater and we could use some sea props. Any suggestion?


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