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Cool Max from Where the Wild Things Are Costume

My son loves “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak so we decided to make a Max costume for him for Halloween last year.

Searching on-line, I found a fleece one piece suit body suit. I bought oversized buttons and sewed them down the front of the body suit. I found a real wolf tail on eBay and we attached it with a safety pin. This was the very easy part.

My mother-in-law adapted a pattern for a hooded sweatshirt to make the head. She made template and worked with getting the ears just right, large enough to stand, but kept to scale. For the final head-piece, we used a lighter flannel (we thought that fleece might be too hot.) She stuffed the ears with batting so that they would stand straight and we used black pipe cleaners for the whiskers. The head and body pieces were not attached, which was really good for washing after an event.

He was a big hit and loved his costume, even wore the body suit as pjs for the rest of the year!

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  1. Bought light brown fleece and made pajamas. Used a feather boa and 12″ pipe cleaners to shape the tail. Wish I had a picture to post. It turned out great!


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