Cool Mary Poppins Costume

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…

Who would not be able to recognize this costume? I wanted to pick a costume that would be easily recognizable and bring back some childhood memories. A Mary Poppins costume was able to achieve just that! When I was at a party with this costume, people would stand up a little more straighter as I walked by or speak to me very proper. I was in a costume! I wasn’t the real deal! But it sure fooled them…

This costume was composed of:

1. A black suit from ValuCity- $30
2. A little girl’s white Easter hat that was spray painted black- $5 (hat) 4$ (paint)
3. Fake berries and flowers from the craft store- $4
4. Some shoes I had laying around the house
5. Black stockings- $2
6. An umbrella
7. An old looking garment bag laying around the house
8. A pigtailed Dorothy wig that I transformed into a bun – $15
9. Ruffled collar shirt – $20
10. Piece of red ribbon for bow – $1

Total spent: $81

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