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Coolest Marvel Dare Devil Costume for a Boy

We are big Marvel fans in my house. We have done numerous costumes with the Marvel characters. This year my 10 yr old wanted to be Dare Devil (the blind super hero). I decided to get a red morph suit and adapt it.  I found a men’s size medium for $20 at walmart. I first decided to cut the suit in half (to make it a shirt and pants) as I figured the child would probably need to go to the bathroom at some point and having pants would be easier.

Next I used my seam ripper and removed the zipper that went up the back. Then I simply stitched shut where the zipper was. Since it was a man’s size medium and this is only an 80lb boy, I had to take the suit in. I removed the arms and shortened the sleeves. I also made the shirt and pants smaller by stitching in a few inches on the side seams. I added an elastic band in the pants. Next I had my son try on the shirt. I wanted to mark (with a sharpie) where his eye holes needed to be (which were covered by his sunglasses) and where to cut for the mouth/chin opening. I purchased some devil horns from a local halloween shop for like $4 and hand stitched them in place. I also used a sharpie marker to draw the DD emblam on the shirt.  I also purchased a small amount of red vinyl and make wrist cuffs with velcro closure, a belt, and a “holster” for his “nunchuck”  thing. I made the nunchuck out of a piece of 1/2″ pvc , 4 caps, 1 white shoes string and red duct tape. I used red elastic to hold the holster on his leg.  I did purchase a pair of red boots on ebay for $27. Which is more than I’d usually spend on a costume, but my boys- all 4 of them play in their costumes all year long and these boots work for lots of superheros- superman, spiderman, dare devil, captain america, etc., so i figured we’d get a lot of use out of them. He was more than thrilled with how it turned out. And I have to say it really was one of the easiest costumes to do.

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