There are many pre-made Mario themed costumes out there but they are all so over used and lacking in good taste so this year we decided to go the extra mile. Much of the Princess Peach costume was purchased at a costume store but only when we broke out the old sewing kit to attach our own custom sparkly pink mesh skirt fluffs did it really come to life. All of the Mario costume and most of the Peach costume is pieced together from many different things much of which took some serious craftsmanship.

Princess Peach (list of items) ;

  • Leg Avenue Pink Princess Costume (gown and crown included)
  • Pink sparkly mesh fabric (hand sewn into skirt fluffs)
  • Long white silk costume gloves
  • white turtle neck (to stay warm cause October is a cold month)
  • white tights, and turquoise hanging bulb earrings.

Mario (list of items) ;

  • Blue Dickies pants
  • Red polo t-shirt
  • long sleeve red t-shirt
  • white cotton mittens
  • blue suspenders
  • yellow buttons (sewn to suspenders making the pants and suspenders appear as overalls)
  • Red baseball cap
  • white fabric with a red “M” drawn on it using a fabric marker and then hand sewn onto the hat
  • and lastly, a black costume mustache from a costume store.