MAMA MIA!!Growing up I had always enjoyed playing Super Mario Brothers (and still do enjoy playing it). This Halloween I just couldn’t resist the idea of trying to transform a common male costume into a unique female costume. I asked a few of my friends if they would like to join in on the “Mario Party”, if you will. We decided on creating Mario, Luigi, and Mario costumes.

For the hats, we simply went to the Dollar store, bought some hats, spray paint, and foamy sheets. We spray painted our appropriate colors on our hats and then cut out circles from the foamy sheets. We then wrote our “M”, “L”, & “W” with permanent marker onto the foamy circles and glues them on the hats. Next, we went to a local bargain store and purchased children’s jeans. My friend is pretty amazing at working a sewing machine so she sewed our children’s jeans into high waist-ed jean skirts to get the Mario brother jean overall effect with a unique fashionable twist.

Lastly, we purchased extremely cheap long sleeved red, green and yellow shirts from Forever 21 and some cheap suspenders. The total cost for this Homemade Mario Brothers Halloween Costume Idea was approximately 15-20 dollars! Not Bad! The costumes were a huge success!