Coolest Marie Antoinette Costume

After watching Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette, I knew I wanted this Marie Antoinette Costume to be my Halloween Costume for 2008. I bought the dress at Goodwill. It was originally a strapless southern belle gown. My mom sewed on sleeves and layered the dress to make it look fancy like the dresses in the movie.

My hair was the the most difficult to do but it also made the costume. I watched a video on getting the idea to pin a wig rolled into a ball in the middle of my head. The wig was wrapped in a net. Then I pulled my hair on top of it to make it look tall.

I found a blue bird and pinned it to the hair with some feathers. My parents throw big Halloween parties every year, and this year I won first place! This has been my favorite costume so far! My mom put a lot of work into sewing the costume and making it look fancy like the gowns in the movie. The costume was a big hit at our party.