This Mama and baby robot costume was very easy to make. I took a box and cut out arms and head holes for myself and covered it with foil paper. then I spray painted solo cups silver and cut them out to over my legs. I used the backs of the aol download discs and glued them to the front. I also took a box and glued it on top and covered it in foil for my head and used Christmas fringe for hair and took 2 battery powered book lights and faced them inside to light up my head as I walked at night.

For my son’s costume, since he wouldn’t let me put a box over him because he was only one, I took a pair of old overalls and glued the foil to the straps and the solo cups I cut and painted to the legs. I took the front of a cardboard box and covered in foil paper and I found battery powered Christmas lights and poked holes through and glued them down and then found an old toy with spot lights that broke and used that as the middle.