Coolest Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

Halloween is the greatest holiday EVER!

My friends and I decided to have a Wonderland themed party for Halloween and boy was it a success! An unanimous decision was made that I would be the Mad Hatter. Having recently seen Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland I was inspired by the look of Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter. I found a wonderful tutorial on that helped me put it all together.

I found some khaki pants and an old trench coat at a thrift store and dyed them green. Sprayed stripes of purple spray paint on the pants and accented the coat with some splotches of purple and tan paint to make it look weathered. For the sash I just took some thread spools and weaved yarn through them and attached them to an old belt that I cut in half. The hat was tricky. I also found some old lacy pattered curtains at the thrift store and dyed them green as well. I constructed the hat out of cardboard, tape and hot glue then stretched the material in place and hot glued it as well and finished it of with gold spray paint accents, tied some fancy looking material around it and constructed some hat pins out of wire clothes hangers and some cool buttons and junk. Oh, and the socks are black and white striped that I sprayed with colored hairspray.

This Homemade Mad Hatter Halloween Costume was a huge hit and my most prized Halloween creation. I have no idea how I will top this next year!

Homemade Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

Homemade Mad Hatter Halloween Costume