I use to love the WWF when I was kid! Although many young people now do not remember the old characters, many remember Macho Man because of the many commercials he did. So I wanted to recreate that. He wore so many different outfits, it was hard to pick one. So I did a collaboration of a few.

I had a Macho Man Shirt I used to start. I cut slits in the sleeves and in between the slits I added gold and silver metallic wired ribbon. I pinned them and used the rest to wrap my hands like he did. I found 2 pairs of tights, lime green and stripes. I wore them over each other and cut holes in them to show two tones. I wore a leotard over the tights to look like the wrestlers underwear. I got a WWF wrestling belt at a kids store. I wore a pair of old boots and put a goatee on and mullet type wig. I took an old cowboy hat and made and big M on it like Macho man did and tied it around the hat. LAST but not least I threw a few slim jims in my belt and I was done!

P.S. I am a girl!

Total for Costume:
Ribbon: 2$
Goatee: 4$
Wig: 15$
Everything else FREE!
Total: 23$