Coolest Luchadora Baby Costume

My little “not quite 1 year old” had some pretty meaty thighs on her, so we were brainstorming costume ideas that would highlight her features. We came up with Mexican wrestler (Luchadora), because, well, we’re Mexican. Ha!

Like so many projects, this one started with a trip to the fabric store. I found some shiny fabric and thought it looked fish-like, so, after some more brainstorming, the Atomic Mermaid/Sirena Atomica was born.

Our daughter wouldn’t stand for the wrestling mask, but she tolerated the tights, lace-up boots, wrist cuffs, and cape pretty well. I used one of her bloomers to make a pattern for the briefs. It took a few versions to get the snug fit we were looking for. The cape was probably the easiest part, just a gathered rectangle and ties.

The rest was sewn by trial and error, fitting little pieces of fabric around her wrists and such. Once I got the boots to fit, I found some lacing to add. I used fusible lining to adhere the knee patches to the tights, and we took the onesie to a t-shirt shop to have the letters applied. We didn’t find any other little Luchadores to fight on Halloween, but had a great time anyway.

I’m glad I made this Luchadora Baby Costume at this age, because I doubt I will see the likes of wrestler briefs on our kid again! Thank goodness for photographs to have all this documented, and even better to have it posted on your website. What can I say? We love our kid!

Coolest Luchadora Baby Costume - a good view of the lace up boots

Coolest Luchadora Baby Costume