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Coolest Little Gypsy Costume

This Homemade Little Gypsy Costume is a pretty basic costume, but there were some fun touches that I think made the look complete.

We started with a $3 woman’s blouse on clearance from WalMart – which was nice & blousy for my little girl. Then I went to the fabric section where I purchased 1/2 yard of two fabrics – a brown & then the fun aqua & brown print.

I cut the patterned fabric into a triangle for her hair & used the remaining to wrap around her waist for a make-shift skirt. Then I wrapped around another triangle shaped piece of fabric around her waist.

I think the most fun was the jewelry. I actually found some old vintage “junk” jewelry on eBay. I went here to look for clip on earrings (since my daughter’s ears were not pierced). I think her favorite part was wearing earrings for the first time. But I ended up finding a lot of inexpensive ethnic jewelry. I used it for her necklaces & for her belt. I think it tied it all together nicely.

It’s not in the pictures, but I also used a jingle bell wreath (that I had in my Christmas box) and tied coordinating ribbons to it, so she had a tambourine.

Homemade Little Gypsy Costume

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