Coolest Little Girl Being Abducted By An Alien Halloween Costume

I created this little girl being abducted by an alien Halloween costume to wear to work and also take my kids trick or treating in. I made a lot of costumes and thought that this would be a really cute idea. I make my kids costumes every year but this is the first time I made one for myself.

It took about 8 hours I think to make. I created the alien first by cutting out the head, sewing it but leaving the bottom open so I could fill it with fiber fill. Then I created the eyes and stuffed them with fiber fill to make them stand out a little better and sewed them on. Then made a mouth on the alien head.

Next I put a wood dowel into a paper towel roll and stuffed it into the alien head to give it more stability. I created a tube shape with fabric when I made the alien head so that I could tape that to the paper towel roll. Then I taped the roll to a piece of cardboard with packing tape. I cut slits in a piece of cardboard that was about the size of my back and put elastic through the slits to create a back pack out of the cardboard.

After that I made the robe and hood. I sewed the hood to the alien head. Then I took a little girl outfit cut up the back but left the collar. I sewed the back of the little girl outfit to the robe. Cut the collar in half and put Velcro on it so that could go around my neck securely. Stuffed pantyhose with fiber fill and put it in the shirt and the arms and legs of the little girl outfit. Put socks on the hands and feet of the little girl. I then sewed a teddy bear and a baby blanket to each hand.

When I put on the costume I put rolled up blankets on my shoulders to create the aliens shoulders. I wish I had sewed this in cause the blankets keep falling all day. So if I had thought of it prior I would of sewed pillows right into the robe so I wouldn’t of had that problem. I then made hands out of fabric and batting. I sewed Velcro on the sides so they would attach to my hands.

Then I just put my hair in pig tails, put freckles on my face and put a binkie in my mouth. So I hope you enjoy the alien costume. Everyone at work and the places I went with my kids trick or treating liked it. Cost of costume was about $20.00