For several months we had friends telling us our daughter looks just like Boo from Monsters Inc. Then, I decided she would be Boo this Halloween and me and my husband would be her friends Sully and Mike. The first time she saw the costume she was terrified and she couldn’t even try it. Suddenly she changed her mind and loved to wear the costume. On the Halloween night she walked over 6 blocks in the treat or trick party from our city. We received lots of compliments and many people wanted to make pictures with us, OK I have to admit, with Boo. Everybody said she really looked like Boo.

I have not much experience with the sewing machine so I guess anybody with a sewing machine can do it. I found online ideas about how to make it and I added my personal touch. I used shinny purple (2 yards) and silver fabric (half a yard) from Hobby Lobby and used flannel (1 yard) for lining. To give the fluffy looking of the body I used three layers of batting in between the purple fabric and the flannel and sewed three lines horizontally.  I used a plastic ring from an old pop-up hamper to give the round shape to the body. I used Velcro to close the costume and to attach the hood. Eyes were made out of Styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners, teeth were made out of felt.