I decided before Halloween 2008, that my husband, cousin and myself would be the lion, tin man and the scarecrow. I have a really creative mind and it definitely got carried away. My first inspiration for these Lion and Tin Man Costumes came from lots of research into prosthetic masks. I love not being able to be recognized.

I found a lion foam prosthetic masks on a great web site. The lion started coming together. I did a lot of research on the Wizard of Oz through images search. I ordered 4 wigs from another website and began putting the lion together. The lions hair was fabulous. I made a great big tail out of one of the wigs.

The scarecrow was put together with bullap material from Walmart. The tin man was assembled from insulation from home depot. His buttons were bud light tops.

Our costumes blew every Halloween costume away. We won first place at two bars, and our closest friends did not recognize us at a family party. I hope you like the pictures.