After winning first place 2 times and 1 time second place with previous costumes, we needed a new idea for this years local “Carnaval”. Searching this site for a while, I found the Lego Minifigures. We decided to build something like that. After carefully measuring a real minifigure and scaling it so it would fit our size bodies, we cut all the pieces out of cardboard. After taping it together, we put paper-maché on it, so it would be stronger and so it would have a somewhat more smooth look too it.

When all of the 15 bodies, 15 heads, 30 legs and 60 hands were done, we all spray-painted the basic colors on them. After that we put some real creativity in it and hand-painted the grafix on the bodies and heads. We were really happy with the end result, and when competing in the contest, there was hardly any competition against our creations. So it was a ton of work, but surely it was worth it!

I’m searching for a new idea already for next year, and I hope we’ll get somewhat close too this.