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Coolest LEGO-Life Ninjago Halloween Costume for a Boy

Our 6yr old really wanted to be a Ninjago for Halloween, but since the closest costume was a regular Ninja we decided to step it up LEGO LIFE!! We used cardboard’s from Home Depot (large) for the body. To hold it together we just used duck tape. The legs are just from regular boxes we cut and put them together to make his foot. I shaped the hands and cut 4 for the front and back and used duck tape to help hold it into his shirt. We spray painted (Rust-oleum brand) the body and head.

Then we used acrylic paint to make the details on the body. It was done in 2 days….the spray paint does takes about 30 mins to dry and then you can add the stuff. I drew every detail on a poster board ( use the non shiny side) and then painted every detail, it take a few mins to dry. For the head we used a cylinder tubing that was shown on the other Lego costume I looked up. It was a 12″ but we cut it to make it fit better.

We cut the mouth where his actual eyes where so he could see and not run into anything, lol. All the supplies were SUPER CHEAP, the most we paid was $10.00 for the cylinder tubing which is big enough to make 3 heads, maybe more (depending on if for adult of child. I did Google other tutorials on how to make costume to help me figure more a less how to do the body and so on. But the details were just off the real Lego. I hope y’all like…our so LOVED being a Lego-Life Ninjago (Lloyd).

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