Coolest Lego Halloween Costume

My boys are extreme Lego enthusiasts. Since there are no minifigure costumes available commercially, I made one by trial and error.

The head portion of the Lego Halloween costume was made by cutting sheet Styrofoam for the top and bottom sections and connecting them with a cylinder of poster board. I paper mached over the entire head section and glued a round Styrofoam disc on top.

After it was painted, the mouth was cut out and fine window screen taped inside the opening. (The mouth section is where you can see through). Glossy paper sunglasses were then glued on.

Since I wanted the costume to appear very square, I used a box for the shirt section. I cut it off just under the arm holes so it would be easier to move. I hot glued 1/2″ upholstery foam to the sides and top of the box and glued the seams of the foam as well. Since I wasn’t sure about painting the foam, I sewed a “box” out of fabric using the foam box as a guide. The zipper and pocket detail was applied with iron-on laundry tape.

The pants were also made with 1/2″ upholstery foam and hot glued on the seams. Once again, a fabric cover was made using the size of the foam as a guide. Since a Lego minifigure has very square legs and form, the pants section does not indent at the waist. I hot glued wide elastic for suspenders to hold up the pants.

To finish off the costume, my son wore a long sleeve shirt that matched the color of the top and I made some yellow mittens to resemble the Lego hands.

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  1. This goes well beyond the Lego brick costumes I’ve seen. Never would’ve even occurred to me do go the minifigure route. Really well executed – I have a feeling there will be many look-alikes out there next year!

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