We crack up when ever we see the Sundrop citrus drink commercial with the girl dancing to drop it like it’s hot. So this Halloween when thinking about what my daughter could be for Halloween (something simple) the commercial came on and she started mimicking it. So the decision was made, a SunDrop commercial girl costume! It was pretty easy, black tights, red leg warmers which I couldn’t find so I bought some long red socks and cut off the foot. Also made some wrist sweat band? (if that’s what they are called) but she didn’t wear them.

We had cold weather so she just wore a long red sleeve shirt under her custom painted green Sundrop shirt ( you can by this online-but I only had a day so I painted it the night before on a old green shirt/this was free!). Added some black and white (she wears red) Adidas shoes and a red head band. She carried around a Sundrop soda. If I had more time I would of made, found or made a red fanny pack and she would’ve carried her iPod with “drop it like it’s hot ” playing!

She got a lot of compliments from the older kids. Happy costume making.