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Coolest Last Minute Fifty Shades of Grey Couple Costume

We won best couple costume at the party we attended this Halloween with our last minute Fifty Shades of Grey couple costume. Our costumes are SOOO simple.

My husband was 50 Shades of Grey and I was his ‘Sub’. His costume was as easy as easy can be. New gray shirt, pants and tie. Then we went to our local paint store  and got gray paint samples.  We safety pinned them to his shirt – voila – 50 shades!!

To do a play on the word ‘Sub’ and keep it G rated I went with Sub as in a sub sandwich. My costume is made entirely of felt. I wore a tan long sleeved tea shirt that we glued and pinned all the layers of a sub sandwich to. The glue wasnt even set as I thought up this idea last minute, so there are quite a few safety pins holding it together!

Most people came up to us aksing what our costumes were and even people who didnt read the books kind of know what they are about, so it was fun to watch people’s faces as it clicked. Ahhhh!

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