It was 8 pm the night before Halloween and I sat crying in a heap of pink tulle and no closer to getting my initial Glinda costume idea done. When, knowing I would never finish the costume in time for the next day, I decided I would use the tulle and make myself a bag of cotton candy. I took a large clear garbage bag, made two holes for the legs, two (on the side) for the arms, filled it with 15 yards of tulle and tied the top with a bow around my neck.

I strengthened the arm and hole legs with clear packing tape, so that it would not tear during the days movements. I wore it like this for the beginning of the day. Then realized I would not be able to go the bathroom the whole day. Not an option. So I cut between the leg holes and taped another bag on the inside as a liner. Made a holes of arms in the liner and put the tulle back between both bags. Essentially, I had a dress filled with tulle. Oh, the letters were made with a dark plastic bag and double-sided tape. Lastly, I added a tulle bow to my hair.

Note, people will want to hug you and ask to eat you.