Coolest Lady Gaga Origami Dress Costume

For my birthday this last year, my brother threw me a celebrity-themed CLUE party! I drew the character for Lady Gaga.

I took a dress that I had, hemmed the bottom with safety pins about three or four inches;
I took an old black T shirt and cut it into strips to map out where I wanted the Origami pyramids to lay on the dress. I safety pinned the fabric to the dress.

I printed a template for a three-sided pyramid off of the internet, and cut out about 50 triangle templates of different sizes. I folded them all, used a glue stick. Super-glued any that didn’t want to stick as well as I wanted to. I took them all outside and spray painted all of them gold. I laid them out across the dress in the manner than I wanted them, and hot glued them on.

Viola! A Lady Gaga Origami Dress Costume. Took me about three free afternoons in a row to do all of the cutting, gluing, etc. NO sewing! All safety pins.

A package of ~50-100 of the smaller safety pins.
Dress can be black or white, she had both
Old T Shirt (to match dress color)
Package of cardstock.
Glue stick
Hot glue gun
Glitter spray paint
Gold spray paint
Blonde wig (mine was 10 dollars at one of the local wig/weave/accessory shops) – I cut the bangs myself
Optional: generic Barbie from the dollar store; I sprayed it gold and she was my Grammy
Flesh-toned shoes, to match the ones she wore with these dresses.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Lady Gaga Origami Dress Costume”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this!!! This is the dress I chose to re-create for Halloween since I am going as Lady Gaga. I wasn’t quite sure where to start, but this sounds so easy! I’m wearing a white leotard (cutting one shoulder off) and a white skirt, but it’s the same concept.

  2. Thanks for posting that i was looking on the intrenet for lady gaga costumes but there all to much so this come up and it will be much cheaper because me and my friend are planning to dress up as lady gaga for solfest soo thanks alot!

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