Coolest Labrynth Costume

I thought long and hard what I would be this year for the Annual Halloween bash. I know the room would be full of creativity as it always has been in the past years. I have done the cute Pebbles, the sexy pirate, and the manly Wayne from Wayne’s World (which was totally awesome… SHHWIING!!) – but this year I wanted to look back at one of my all time favorite movies starring David Bowie as Jareth in the Labyrinth.

Only 5% of the crowd recognized who I was, but that didn’t matter (it still rocks) and I had a blast putting the costume together and singing “Dance Magic Dance Magic”, while staring into my crystal “ball”. If your a fan of this 80’s classic too, here are the materials I used (I based it off one image in the movie):

– Gray leggings

– White puffy or white shirt (I borrowed one, but anything that looks similar will work)

– A black leather corset (I thought it made it more girly :)

– Black boots

– Wig (a Tina turner or similar 80’s rocker wig will work)

– Accessories – I went to a craft store to find a similar charm for the necklace and a couple of rings to match. I also used a Mardi Gras mask and of course lots of eye make up!! Oh and a crystal ball of course ;)

Cant wait until next year! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!