Cool Kool Aid Man Costume

The idea for making the costume came from an obsession with drinking an access amount of Kool-Aid. I’ve been pretty crafty, so I knew the challenge of making it myself could actually be possible!

I ended up hitting up a local fabric store and came across a red pattern that happened to be translucent(so no one would be able to see me underneath) but yet shear enough for me to see where I was going. It was clearly meant to be!

I then purchased two hula-hoops, I glued one to the bottom of the fabric and the other to the upper middle part of the fabric leaving extra room for the top to be closed. I cut out shapes of the face from black felt then hot glued each piece onto the front of the material leaving extra to bring the top together to go over my head. I cut two holes on the side to stick my arms out. I finished the top part with a Styrofoam circle to rest on my head.

I put two square Styrofoam boxes in iridescent wrapping paper to give the effect of ice and glued them on the very top of the Styrofoam circle. I sealed the top and finished it off with a red shirt and black pants. I had some left over material that I threw over my shoes to top it off!

And that is how the my Homemade Kool Aid Man Costume was completed…OH YEA!!!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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