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Coolest Knorr’s Salty Costume Idea

My daughter LOVES salty so we got a big ball and paper mached the crap outta it, added some ears and painted the head white with some Krylon.

Inside we got some surgical tubing and epoxied it to some bbq squirt bottles and filled them with salt then duct taped them to the top inside the head. The tubing was inserted into some black window screen through the eyes which then “salted” when the head tips down just like on the commercial the mouth was cut out and then covered with screen as well so my daughter could see out.

For the body we used a green t-shirt and a felt ‘S’ which was hot glued on to the shirt and an isolation suit we cut off the arms, glued them to the t-shirt and for the legs we velcroed them to the bottom of the shirt.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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