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Coolest Judge Judy and Security Guard Couple Costume

My husband and I LOVE Judge Judy, we watch it every night during dinner (which our friends find halarious), so we decided to dress up like Jude Judy and her security guard Berd!

My husband was Judge Judy, his costume was easy, we just bought a black robe from the Halloween store and I bought a doily and pined it around the collar of the robe. I then bought him a wig and cut it to suit her hair style, and put a little make up on him thats about it!

I went as Bert, which was a little harder to pull off. First I went to Value Village and found green pants a beige shirt and a belt, then went to the dollar store and got a badge and a nametag. I had a muscle shirt so I put it on under the shirt to make my body look like a mans. Then I rubbed brown face paint on my arms and face and I bought a goatee set from the halloween store for my face. As for my hair, that was difficult. I made a base out of construction paper and covered the construction paper with black felt (that took a little while).

But the Homemade Judge Judy and Security Guard Couple Costume came out great! None of my friends recongnized me. After hanging out with everyone for a half hour or so, they finally realized it was me! Halarious!

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