Awesome Joker Costume

After watching the Dark Knight in the Summer of 2008 I knew exactly what I wanted to be, The Joker. What I did first for this Homemade Joker Costume was buy the trench coat. Luckily I found it at Hot Topic. It was about $60. Then I bought red, white, and black makeup at party city, any makeup works. I also found the shirt, tie, and socks at hot topic. I had some leather gloves that I spray painted purple. The black dress pants and the shoes I already had.

Now for the scars, I bought a scarring liquid online called Rigid Collodion. I applied about 7 layers of this to make the scars look good. I take no credit for this scarring idea though, I got it from YouTube. After carefully studying the Joker pictures online I think I was able to pull the makeup off. OH! Few last things tips. The vest my mom helped me make because buying a good vest online was expensive. So just buy some cheap fabric and try making it yourself. Also try wearing a suit coat underneath. It makes your shoulders look broader and it looks more like the heath ledger joker. If you notice the Heath Ledger Joker is also wearing a suit jacket under the trench coat. For my hair I just put gel on and spray painted it green.

Overall I spent about $100 on this costume. I hope this was helpful and good luck to all of you Joker fans out there. Now you know how I got these scars!

Homemade Joker Costume

Homemade Joker Costume

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