Coolest Jessie from Toy Story Halloween Costume

I saw a ‘pumpkin carving picture’ of Jessie and Woody from Toy Story this year as I was trying to find an idea to carve a watermelon. I planted my first garden this year but didn’t plant pumpkins so I decided to carve one of my watermelons. I carved Jessie from Toy Story which is also who I decided to dress up like.

I already had some cow print fabric which is what started the idea. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I just used fabric I already had for everything. I borrowed some chaps from a friend to see how they are made. I made a pattern from those and cut up some black leather pants to make the top and the fringe of the chaps. I got a white button-up shirt, found some yellow fabric and cut out pieces to add as a collar and cuffs.

I embroidered some red western designs and sewed them on. I added a white ring on the back, for my pull tab she has on her back that makes her talk. I made a matching yellow and red hair ribbon to tie on to my braid. I wore jeans, my red belt with a buckle and some cow boy boots. I got red polar fleece and some card stock to make a hat, it was much harder to make a hat than I had imagined. I stitched around the edges with some white yarn and added a white band around the top. It was a lot of fun to make and wear. My favorite thing was walking into a party and little girls saying…”here comes Jessie”.