Coolest Invisible Man Costume

This invisible man costume is easy to make and so much fun to wear.

I found that a black skin suit can be worn to avoid the possibility of exposing any skin, especially the wrists. A dark trench coat, dark hat, black scarf and black gloves complete the look.

For the face of the invisible man, I used two large ace bandages (the kind you buy to wrap your injured arm or leg) and wrapped them around my head, leaving the eyes exposed. I used glasses with the leather side attachments to give it a vintage look.

I wore this costume twice, once to work for Halloween and once to the Renfest here in Maryland. People loved it, and at times were quite startled when I came around the corner or through the door. What they loved the most was when I spoke. They were always amused and thrilled to find it was a female underneath.

I drove to the Renfest wearing the costume and the looks of confusion on passerbyer’s faces were ones I’ll never forget, I had people stopping and asking for pics, asking me to creep up behind others for them. It’s a little difficult to stay in for a long period of time. but very much worth it and as Halloween falls in the Fall it keeps you warm!

Coolest Invisible Man Costume