I made this invisible lady costumes as a spin on the invisible man. To replicate the costume, a black skin suit can be worn to ensure no skin shows in the event of sleeves riding up. A mock turtle neck comes in handy as the black mask sometimes rides up along the neck a little bit. I wore a heavy cloak for it that I had purchased for the Renaissance Festival, but a long black cape will work fine. 

Everything other than the dress needs to be black, including, gloves, shoes, leggings, etc.

I wore this costume to work and had one of my furry friends with me. The reaction was, “It’s just disturbing, I can’t look at you. It’s creepy.”  

The heavy black cape definitely helped complete this costume. It was fun to wear and worth seeing the look on other’s faces. I might try this as a Renfest themed costume this year and will once again ‘not attend’ the Renfest. :) After all, if you can’t see me you can’t prove I was there.