Coolest Ice Cream Halloween Costume

MMM. I love ice-cream, don’t you? What could be better then than becoming an ice-cream cone?

-Garbage can
-Candies or other brightly colored small objects
-A red ball or other item that resembles a cherry
-A hat to build off of

Start with the garbage can. All you need is brown colored fabric to cover it. I glued this on with hot glue. I didn’t do this, but you can make a checkered pattern with a marker as well.

Next, you will need a structure to hold up the cotton batting. I used my favorite technique of cardboard rings. There are bigger rings at the bottom and smaller ones at the top and reinforcement vertical cardboard strips run between the cardboard rings. Some of the more crucial rings also include wire as a reinforcement.

Once you have the frame, adding the cotton batting is easy. Just drape the fabric over the frame and secure with tape or hot glue. To make the hat, I attached extra cardboard to an old helmet with hot glue and covered that with batting as well.

Finishing touches are important. I glued gumballs and candles onto the costume to represent candy and sprinkles. Then, I found a little red hat for the cherry, but pretty much and red round object would work.